Newfoundland Fedration of School Council

An umbrella organization representing School Councils, Parent Teacher Association, and Parent Advisory Councils across Newfoundland

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Fund Rising

Infuses welcome dollars into our schools, passes on to children a positive attitude about the importance of school to their parents. The Federation wishes to help local associations develop the skills required to tap into funding available through both federal and provincial grants, and education foundations.



Reduces ever increasing demands placed on our teachers, and benefits the larger community as it gains from the contribution. The Federation hopes to help eliminate barriers that prevent effective volunteer programs and to help local associations design systems of volunteer management.


Parenting Skills

The Federation would like to facilitate collaboration of activities on this topic in the province to help parents so that the link between parenting and its effect on schooling can be more readily recognized by all parents.


Parent/Teacher Communication

Improves teaching and learning both at home and at school by increasing the accountability of our parents, our teachers and our children. The Federation is working with the teachers’ association in the development of effective methods aimed at involving all parents and all teachers in improving communication.

Our Mission

The Newfoundland and Labrador Home and School Federation provides leadership, representation and services to all parents. Its principal goal is to achieve excellence in education for all children in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Federation provides parents with a voice on educational issues and encourages parental involvement at all levels of education.

What my trainees say

Teaching has always been my passion and I am able to fulfill it to the core being a part of Nlfsc. We are a set of passionate trainees who see a lot of potential in our children.
Cecile Emeke
Training a lot of kids I have learnt that every kid has his or her own potential. Watering that potential and nurturing it is our role in Nlfsc. I am really proud of what I am doing!
Keith Stanfield

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Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you need to make as a parent, and there is nothing more daunting than finding the perfect institution at your locality for your kids. Children get shaped and molded by the school they attend. School becomes the second home for children, and they will be spending most of the time at school while growing up, and thus you need to make sure that the school they attend is a good school.

The following are some of the tips for choosing the best schools for your child:

Check if the school meets the needs and interests of your child:

Each child is different, and all of them have different learning capabilities. It is quite essential to understand the capabilities of your child and provide education accordingly. Check for the courses and the subjects that the school provides and all the academic events and extracurricular activities needed by your child. Your child is going to grow and develop in that school, and thus you need to make sure that the school you pick is good for a long run.

Understand if your child’s current school is fit for him/her:

Check if your child is enjoying their current school or if they are having a problem which prevents them from learning at class. You need to know if your child has a healthy social life at school and if they are properly interacting with other kids at school. If you feel that a particular person or an action is emotionally or physically causing harm to your child, it is better to change the school of your kid.

Think carefully before switching schools:


Schools these days have become so expensive, and as a parent, you need to know how much you will be able to invest in your kid’s school. Before shifting schools check if your child has proper transport facilities to the new school and if the curriculum provided by the school is good enough for your child. Switching schools can sometimes greatly affect your child emotionally and thus unless you have a solid reason do not switch schools.

 Provide an education that is best for your child and your family.

Some parents might feel that private schools are the best for their kids while other might feel that homeschooling is better for their kids. Depending on your situation you can decide to choose the school for your kids but make sure that your kids love where they are going and also make sure that the other members of your family are fine with the school you are choosing. There are many schools these days, and you are certain to find a good school for your child in your locality.

Good Parenting Tips – Newfoundland Student Council

Every single parent strives hard to provide the best for their children and they always put their children’s interest and happiness before theirs. We all are humans, and none of us is born pure. We fall down, and we learn from our mistakes and get back up. Parents need to take up the responsibility to help their children understand how everything is inevitable in life but they have to keep doing what makes them happy. The following are some of the parenting tips:

Behave how you want your child to behave:

Your children always look up to you and try to imitate you in everything you do and speak. Especially if you have children who are less than five years old in your home, they will constantly try to do what the elders in the house are doing. So if you go around talking foul language around your children, they will learn from you and start speaking what you had spoken. The same thing applies to the various actions you do in front of your kids. Humans by nature learn by watching other things that happen around them. Thus if you want your children to learn good habits, you need to show them the positive attitude and behavior so that they will grow up having a positive attitude.

Show them your abundant love:

Loving your child can never spoil them, and there is no such thing as loving them too much. Do not spoil your children by making them believe that they will find happiness in material things. Show them your love and affection so that they will understand that love overcomes everything.

Let them know that you are always there for them:

Always try to be there for your child whenever they need you. Make yourself available to them as they will seek your presence at all times. When you spend time with them, the bond between you and your child increases and they will be emotionally strong.

Communicate with them:

We all know the importance of communication, and when you have open communication with your child, you will truly understand them to figure out what problem they are facing.  Talking to your child will allow them to ventilate many things and they will cooperate with you.

Let them be who they are:

Every human is different, and all of us have various needs and goals in life. Every child is different, so do not force them to do everything as per your wish. Let them be who they want and appreciate the little efforts they take towards something. If your child loves drawing, encourage them and appreciate their work and let them know how they can improve their work.

Teach them how to be humble:

Many kids can get proud and aggressive as they grow up. It is natural for children to get aggressive but teach them to be humble and kind to one another.

Hi I am Han Sanders, I have always wanted to help kids learn the right kind of education and that is the reason why we came up with the idea of Nlfsc. If you are someone like us who loves to teach kids the right way then join here and see the difference that we can make. 

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